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About Harmless Free Radicals

Harmless Free Radicals is actually a collection of comics series, or books, originally started on July 31, 2000. The site that you are currently browsing hosts those comics that focus on life in Fairport, WA as well as some of the exploits of the Harmless Free Radicals themselves, one of the many bands that lives in Fairport.

Fairport is a place of character, with its own story and fate. Existing half-way between the Land of Dreams and the Canadian Border, its poor denizens have to put up with the shenanigans of mythical forces and bureaucrats alike. But new and interesting businesses still crop up with unerring regularity. Students from around the country continue to flock to Fairport Community College for a unique education and amazing party opportunities. The Order of Bearded Men still consumes all the regular coffee by Tuesday each week. And the barristas that love them still struggle with the eternal dilemma of ridiculing ignorant tourists while divesting them of their money. And when not assisting the Harmless Free Radicals in defending the town from villains such as Kote of the Drum People, the population of Fairport lives its life, almost like any other town in the world. Humorously.


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